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The Triple-CV Visco Coccyx Cushion

The Triple-CV Coccyx Cushion with visco foam seat and its own fully supportive backrest

Sitting for ages on the same spot? Tailbone feeling very tender?

Or are you at risk of developing a painful pressure sore?

The complete comfort answer is a clever coccyx recess plus quality visco memory foam in the Triple-CV Coccyx Cushion. A coccyx cushion to help those suffering from coccydinia (coccydynia) or pain in the coccyx or tailbone area.

This neat, easy to carry product is suitable for use on office chairs, lounge chairs, wheelchairs, mobility scooters, train and aeroplane seats, garden chairs and church pews.

Specially shaped cut-outs in the backrest & seat of the Triple-CV Coccyx Cushion


Specially shaped cut-outs in the backrest & seat.



Bones of the upper pelvis and lower spine are supported by the Triple-CV Coccyx CushionBones of the upper pelvis and lower spine are supported and given long term comfort by a high quality, luxuriously soft foam backrest. The bones in your bottom are immersed in a generous layer of visco memory foam, combined with a pliable weight-bearing foam base.

Now see how a tender tailbone or coccyx can simply “float in space” with the Triple-CV Coccyx CushionNow see how a tender tailbone or coccyx can simply “float in space”.

Modern visco ‘memory’ foam in action for the Triple-CV Coccyx Cushion

The photo sequence shown above, clearly shows our modern visco ‘memory’ foam in action.

Clinical tests of the modern visco foam used in our Triple-CV Coccyx Cushion seat have proved it has clinical benefits to disperse pressure very effectively, for users up to, and including, managed high risk (Waterlow Scale 15).

Triple-CV Coccyx Cushion visco foam has effective pressure relieving qualities across a wide range of day to day temperatures. It does not tend to stiffen in the cold or lose its pressure dispersing qualities in very warm temperatures, as some poor quality visco foams have been known to do.

The Triple-CV Coccyx Cushion also works well on most modern wheelchairs.

Snug support for your bottom and lower back. Held in place by user's own weight on the seat & back.

Foam seat & back sections are zipped into a one-piece, 2-way stretch, waterproof vapour permeable cover with carry handles.

Available in a black towelling cover.

Triple CV Coccyx Cushion - black

The Triple-CV Visco Coccyx Cushion is made in England.


Seat and back sections:
Height = 14 inches (36 cm)
Width = 16 inches (41 cm)
Seat depth = 2.75 inches (7 cm)
Back depth = 2 inches (5 cm)

Max user weight limit = 14 stones, 196 pounds or 88.9 kg

Cleaning: wipe outer cover with hot water and mild detergent, or remove foam blocks and wash cover at 60 C. Briefly tumble dry cover on warm setting only.

Complies with Furniture & Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations 1988/89 Schedule 7 & 2.

Price £111.60

The Car Comfort Combo

The Car Comfort Combo

Does your old car seat need an upgrade?

Have you bought a new car and the seats are driving you nuts?

Is there a passenger who always complains about your car seats?

The Car Comfort ComboTurn the bad back "Car Seat From Hell" into something far more heavenly with our new Car Seat Combo.

Whenever customers buy back-care products to try out in their car, they nearly always come up with the same back care solution - an adjustable lower back support, combined with a seat wedge.

If sitting hunched up in the car causes you discomfort, a simple backrest and seat wedge combination could be the comfort breakthrough you are looking for.

Why? Because the back sections of many car seats either have no additional lumbar support for the lower back, or it is fixed in the wrong place and you can hardly feel any beneficial effects at all. The seat upholstery of many car seats slope backwards so you end up with your backside sunk so low, your knees end up higher than your hips. This position can be very uncomfortable after a while.

Now our online customers can learn with a few words and a picture what we have picked up from watching customers for the past 30 years.

You cannot go far wrong with a back rest and seat wedge combination - our Car Comfort Combo.

Car Comfort Combo MeasuringBefore you buy one, there is only one thing you need to do. Work out your seat cushion's angle of slope.

  • You can visually "guesstimate" the angle your seat slopes down from an imaginary horizontal line
  • Or you can cut-out a segment of stiff card and trim it until the seat angle becomes clear
  • Or if you have a ruler and protractor you can accurately measure the angle of slope

Our seat wedges are made with either 8 degree or 11 degree angles, both can be ordered with or without a coccyx comfort recess. You should allow for the effect of your weight slightly squashing a seat wedge cushion, so if in doubt, choose the 11 degree version.

Duo Car SupportYour backrest is designed to fit snugly into the curve of your spine. It is filled with high grade visco elastic memory foam, which has a gel-like feel, pressure relieving properties and moulds exactly to your body shape. The foam comes in two parts, an anatomically shaped front piece, backed by a thin section, which can be removed, giving a choice of 2 different backrest depths.

Set the height of your backrest by tightening or loosening the strap which hangs around the headrest pillars on a click-buckle strap.

Car Comfort Combo Wedge - coccyxCar Comfort Combo Wedge - plain


Choose either an 11 degree or an 8 degree seat wedge. Either can come with or without a coccyx comfort recess.

The Car Comfort Combo is available in black only,
comprising adjustable backrest and seat wedge with the options below.

Adjustable Back Rest & 8 Degree Seat Wedge (plain or coccyx recess)

Price £64.50

Adjustable Back Rest & 11 Degree Seat Wedge (plain or coccyx recess)

Price £69.30

Seat Wedge Type
The Sissel Coccyx Wedge

The Sissel Coccyx Wedge

For comfortable and upright sitting - perfect for Sacrum and Coccyx

  • The Sissel Coccys WedgeRelieves pressure on the spinal column and intervertebral discs
  • Especially suitable after injuries and operations
  • Rubberized bottom so no sliding, even while sitting for long periods
  • Unique bridge and 2 anatomical depressions improve the quality of sitting and provide an even more comfortable sitting experience
  • With visco-elastic opening for perfect relief of sacrum and coccyx
  • Material: high-quality polyurethane foam for perfect pressure balancing combined with visco-elastic special foam


  • Sissel Coccyx Wedge BlueSissel Coccyx Wedge GreyColour: blue or grey, with polyester stretch cover, machine washable

  • 3 years warranty on dimensional stability


Height: (back) 9 cm
Height: (back) 1 cm
Width:- 43 cm
Depth:- 40 cm

Price £54.50

Putnam Seat Wedges with coccyx cut-out

Putnam Seat Wedges with coccyx cut-out

The Putnam Seat Wedges with a coccyx recess can be very helpful when used in a car. They are designed to prevent your coccyx (tailbone) from sinking too deeply into the car seat. When placed on a dining chair or an office chair they alter the angle of your sitting position, allowing your thighs to slope downwards slightly, tilting your pelvis forward, encouraging good posture.  

Choose from:

11 degree

36 cm x 36 cm x 9.5 cm (height at back)
(14" x 14" x 3.75")

Price £41.29


8 degree

...a shallower 8 degree seat wedge with coccyx recess 8 cm (3") height at back

Price £36.18