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Bad posture when driving

The Sissel Car Seat Back Support

Special treatment for "car damaged" backs!

Made in Sweden from high density PU foam this ergonomically designed back support is ideal for use in the car, home and office. The back support's special shape gives lateral support to prevent sideways movement whilst supporting the lumbar spine.

posture curve skel jpg1. Easy and fast mounting on every car seat thanks to 2 elasticated straps and a buckle

2. Can also be easily used on dining chairs, soft lounge furniture and office chairs

3. Gently guides the spine into a relaxed, supported and healthy position

4. Upright and improved sitting whilst driving

5. Available in dark blue or charcoal grey

Size: 33 cm x 33 cm x 2 cm (top) to 5 cm (base) depth

Extra covers available

Posture Curve vs Sissel

Posture Curve vs. Sissel

One of the most disappointing things to happen in the back-care market in recent years has been the disappearance of the famous Posturecurve portable back support. The brand had been popular for at least 25 years until the company was sold several years ago. Since then the Posturecurve brand name and product have disappeared.

The Posturecurve Traditional had standard density foam and the Posturecurve Comfy was a softer option. During the 20 years we retailed both types, the Posturecurve Comfy ended up outselling the Traditional version by about three to one.

There have been some alternative versions of the Posturecurve, but none of them have been half as good. Until now.

The Sissel Car Seat Back Support is the nearest equivalent to the Posturecurve back supports as you are ever likely to find. It would be fair to say the foam density 'feel' of the Sissel support falls neatly between the Posturecurve Traditional (firm) and Comfy (soft) options. This means users of either Posturecurve product should find the Sissel version a very satisfactory alternative.

Sissel Car Seat Back SupportSissel Car Seat Back SupportSissel Car Seat Back Support

Price £43.50

The Putnams Coccyx Kneeling Chair

The Putnams Coccyx Kneeling Chair

Sometimes known as a kneeling stool or posture chair.

The Putnams Kneeling Chair has an innovative seat cushion design with a unique coccyx relief recess, which helps take the pressure off the base of the spine.

How do you use a kneeling chair? Well, you don't actually "kneel" on it at all. When the back posture chair is adjusted correctly, most of your weight should be transmitted through your upright, nicely-aligned spine into the seat cushion. The knee pad is only intended to provide a steadying effect and you should not need to put too much weight through your knees or shins.

Designed to be used while working at a desk, these Posture Chairs encourage "active sitting" and improved posture, correctly aligning your spine for fatigue-free sitting. They are ready assembled on a sustainable beech frame and are fully adjustable at two points: one for your height (distance between seating and kneeling pad, via allen key) and the other for the height of desk you are sat at (the larger wooden "hammer"). This allows maximum comfort for short and tall users.

This kneeling chair has won the following awards:

  • WHICH Best Buy Award
  • WHICH Consumer Magazine has awarded their Best Buy Award for its excellent features and benefits to the user

Two options:

Visco Memory Foam1. Also available in visco memory foam which contours to your body reducing pressure when sitting. Visco Memory foam is sensitive to body temperature and gives even pressure distribution, while it supports and gently moulds to an individual user’s shape.

2. Choice of black, blue, grey and beige upholstery.


Minimum height : 5ft 3

Maximum weight : 15 stone

Size: H 73cm x L 73cm x W 47.5cm (all measurements taken from widest points).

Price: Normal Foam £320.00 Memory Foam £330.00

Memory Foam